Weekly Knight Notes

Week of 2-1-16

February Is Here!

It's amazing we are one month into the 2016 year! As you may know from past experiences, February can be a trying time for our patience, energy level, and even school culture. The lack of sun light, cold weather, flu, colds, etc, etc, etc... can really mess with a person!

Hopefully we can change that this year :). I have some ideas on keeping a positive and fun atmosphere during this month and I hope everyone will enjoy them. This will include the Goose Chase game that Sibert will be explaining on Monday.

For this first week I would like to have the baby picture competition in the staff lounge. Starting Monday bring in a baby picture of you and give to me in the office. I will make a color copy and place these in the staff lounge. On Friday everyone will have an opportunity to guess what picture matches a staff member.


We will be meeting as a staff in the library. We will have a quick group activity and then Sibert will be handing out badges for KTT completion. We will also be explaining the GooseChase game.

New PD on Canvas and Idea Bandits

This week I will be adding a P.D. module to the KTT Canvas site. This P.D. will focus on the 4 C's- Collaboration, Creativity , Communication, and Critical Thinking. It is an optional professional development to complete but you will receive badges for your KTT book bag.

If you are reading these weekly notes you can wear jeans and tennis shoes to school tomorrow. Make sure you don't tell anybody else about it.

Also, just a reminder that we will be continuing to do Idea Bandits for the 3rd nine weeks. From reading them and talking to staff, this has been a successful form of P.D. and something that we can grow from as a staff.

Building Project

The second round of focus group meetings will start in February as we try to narrow down the plans and details. Continue to share your ideas and thoughts with myself or the person(s) in charge of your focus area.