Bluefin tuna

endangered species


  • the bluefin tuna is an ocean fish
  • they swim in schools
  • bluefin also migrate in schools

why are they endangered

  • the bluefin tuna is very over fished
  • the bluefin is also known for swiminng into nets and gettin hung up
  • itis now illegal to fish for bluefin

whats being done to stop it

  • well if your caught fishing for bluefin tuna it is 10,000 fine
  • you will also go to court
  • also no more fishing in the ocean if your caught


  • the bluefin have retrackable fins that tuck in to make them swim faster
  • they one of the fastest fish in the ocean
  • they have bluefins like in there name
  • they are born killers form the moment they hatch they start hunting for food