Information Technology (IT)

By: Carlen Golding

What is "IT"?

"IT", short for "Information Technology", is a self explanatory name, it is the introduction to the study of technology, for better understanding of the different components of the wide subject. Almost everything these days rely on computers. Design, programs, products, you name it, it probably has needed a computer in its process. For whatever you want to study technology wise, when you decide what career you want to pursuit, it is most likely covered in "IT".

Different Categories

"Information Technology", has different categories to read/learn about. Some will interest you, and some you may not fancy as much. For example, I enjoyed reading about computer parts, maintenance, and software upgrading, more than the other sub-categories. It is good to know all of this information though, because you get a better knowledge about how technology works as a whole.

My interests

As stated before, my main interests in IT were the categories revolving around computer hardware and maintenance. This grabbed my attention because I have always wondered what the different parts of a computer do and how to upgrade/maintain them. As I read the chapters, I got a better understanding on how a computer works, what the parts purposes are, what is parts are compatible with each build, and much more.

IT Profession

There are many different IT profession categories, such as Hardware, Software, Networking, Security, Telephoning, and a couple others. If I were to choose a job in IT, with all of my interests I would choose a Computer Hardware Engineer. I would choose this profession because the build blueprints for computers, and computer hardware .

Education Needed & Salary

To be a Computer Hardware Engineer, you need your: Bachelor's Degree for entry level, doctoral degree for research and Master's degree for advancement. The average salary is anywhere from $84k a year, to $150k a year.

Thank You For Reading!

Thanks for taking the time to read my summary of IT. It is brief, but I wanted to cover the parts that I found most interesting, and I wanted to elaborate on them to an eventual job opportunity!