Child Labor Laws

By: Faaiza

What is Child Labor?

Child Labor is when children were working in factories. These children at a very young age were treated like adults and only making a fraction of what the adults make, with them working hard labor and having cruel punishments for small mistakes.

Why I think child labor laws are wrong

Personally, I think that child labor laws are wrong because, me as a child, know that i would not want to be subjected to those working conditions and only be paid a fraction of what the adults make. So personally I do think that they are wrong and to even further support my response, they were also forced to work in horrendous conditions with cruel punishments for small things that aren't even worth punishing them for, after all they're only kids, and they are expected to work like adults.

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Therefore my conclusion is that you should not support child labor, which I supported, so there is my reason that I do not support child labor, you should not either