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Land and Climate

Harsh, Barren landscape. Only ten percent of this territory is suitable for farming.

It is the lowest point in Africa.

The climate is hot and dry. May to September is there summer season. During this this time temperatures can reach 120 degrees!

October to April is winter. Temperatures reach 80 through 89. The average rainfall during winter is 5 to 10 inches.

Diet and Eating

The people of Djibouti mainly eat their farm animals. They have a diet consisting of primarily meat and dairy products. Spaghetti is the people of Djiboutis favorite dish. A whole roasted goat is standard for any feast. In most families the men and women dont eat with each other. They primarily eat on the floor.

Personal Apperance

The woman of Djibouti usually wear long robes, and if they are married they wear head scarfs. Outfits are usually quite colorful. The Djiboutians are less strict than other Muslim countries. Woman are not required to wear a vial to cover their face. Djiboutians that live in cities actually wear western style clothing.


Djibouti is Islamic, with over 94% of people being Muslim. The other 6% are Christian. On Friday streets are empty as men go to mosques to pray and women pray from their homes. The midday meal is one of the most important. The Muslims usually pray five times a day. There are three main churches — Ethiopian Orthodox, French Catholic, and French Protestant—largely serve the foreign population

Fun Facts

  • Djibouti's lake Assal, which is 509 feet below sea level, is the lowest point in Africa, and the second lowest point in the world.
  • Spaghetti is the most popular dish.
  • The adult literacy rate is 78% male and 58% female. This means most people in the country are able to read.
  • The life expectancy is 56 for men and 59 for women.


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