Fruit Mix 'N' Mash!

Have a Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and fun!

Let's All Eat Healthy!

In the morning get a quick Breakfast for you and the kids, with take away. Only for $5.00!
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Try This!

Have a healthy smoothie in the morning or any time it taste GREAT! All of them are $3.50 each!

Healthy And Delicious!

Eat A Healthy Less Sugar Cake or Dessert!

Have a Yogurt , Icing and Fresh Fruit cake. Price $10.00!

Less Sugar Ice - Cream!

A less Sugar Raspberry Ripple Ice - Cream. Price $7.50!

Information About Shop!

Phone Number:

Mobile: 0434392139

Shop: 0486229344

Times We Are Open

7:00am - 6:00pm


18 Leeton St, Merrylands West

Please Come And Enjoy!!!:)