America wins the War

How we did it!

Patriotism for the win!

Even though we had less people and supplies, we had a reason to fight. We were fighting for our freedom and rights.

Thank You France

One of the major helps that we had through out the war was from our friends, the French. They stopped the British from escaping to the sea. Also they gave fresh supplies and money to our army for training for better army.
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These are the times that tried men's soul

Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called " The American Crisis" and helped motivate the soldiers of war.
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The shot heard round the world

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George Washington

One of the best and fairest leaders lead our army. He already had experience throughout war leading small squads of men. Now he had over 2000 men at his fingertips and was ready to fight. One of the most famous ideas that he had was to take small groups of men and battle in the woods and hills to screw up the British.