Got Mars?

Day and Night

Mars will have a day and night because Mars rotates on its axis and when the sun is facing the bright side it would day, and the dark side not facing the sun would be night. It is different because the rotation time is different by 39 minutes, so the day and night would be longer on Mars.

Mars Years

Mars will have years because it revolves or orbits the sun. The years will be longer on Mars because the revolution time is longer making the years different on Mars.

Mars Seasons

Mars will have seasons because it has a sun, Mars(the planet), it orbits the sun, and has a 25 degree tilt on its axis. The seasons on Mars will be different than on Earth because the tilt on Earth is 23.5 degrees and on Mars the tilt is 25 degrees.

Mars Tides

Mars will not have tides because it may have a planet, a sun and moons gravity, revolves, but it does not have ocean or salt water. The tides will be different than on Earth because Mars does not have the things necessary for tides.

Mars Moons

Mars will have phases of the moon because it has Mars (the planet), a sun, and it’s moons orbit Mars. The phases would be similar because the moons around Mars revolve Mars so the shadow would cast the phases that we see.

Mars Eclipses

Mars would have lunar eclipses because the moons still revolve around Mars and it has a sun to line up with in a straight line, so there would still be lunar eclipses. They would be different than on Earth because with the two moons they would happen twice as often.

Mars vs Earth

Mars and the Earth are similar because their periods of rotation are almost exactly alike.

Mars and Earth are very different because Mars does not have oxygen ,h20 and there is no food.