Musicly magical

By: Holden sanders

History of the "Blue Suede Shoes"


Carl Perkins was inspired by his pair of blue suede shoes to write a song. On December 19, 1955 Carl Perkins recorded "Blue Suede Shoes". Later on January 1, 1956 superior records released "Blue Suede Shoes" to the public. Then on January 21, 1956 billboard reviews "Blue Suede Shoes" and rates it a 76/100. On March 17 Elvis Presley sings "Blue Suede Shoes" on the Dorsey brothers television show.

A magical day in the life of some Blue Suede Shoes

On one fateful day I turned from just a pair of Carl Perkins's blue suede shoes to a pair of magical wizshoes, a magical pair of shoes. I was just an ordinary pair of Carl Perkins's shoes until the day I turned 11. I had gotten my hogshoes letter. It was sort of confusing because I had never heard of hogshoes. it said hogshoes was a school for young wizshoes and witchheels. I was so excited to go to hogshoes I accidentally apparated there! I was so scared because I had never apparated before. So I looked around and there I was standing in line to get sorted in to a house. I was holding a wand in my hand so I waved it around to see what it did and I accidentally blew up one of the floting candles. I was then sorted into Griffindor, one of the houses, and went to the common room. I was so beat, so I went to bed, too tired to speak to my fellow Griffindors.

My passion connection

I love music and magic so I put them together in a story to tell the story of a pair of "blue suede shoes".
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