Down The Street

Come to the snow cone booth down the street for an icy treat

Snow cones down the street come in various flavors!

Welcome to the local snow cone flyer! We are located on the edge of Edgewater Circle in Kent, Ohio! If you are looking for a nice icy treat come on down. Don't worry we have plenty of flavors for you to choose from! Each snow cone costs 50 cents. Let me tell you about some of the people that work at the buisness! There are the owners which are named Ally and Maddie. Maddie is the manager and Ally is the creative idea person that comes up with the ideas! There are also other people that are very important to the business. There names are Maya and Jessi. They help fund the snow cone organization.

I hope you like our snow cones!

Please stop by if you can!

If you need any further introduction call 330-801-0835 or email You may also call 330-256-8513 or email 234-817-1379

Snow Cone Stand!

Don't forget you can call or email if you have any questions!