Brandon Ralph McBride

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Brandon Ralph McBride - The Beauties of Costa Rica

Brandon Ralph McBride is a highly esteemed biotech consultant who works in the Las Vegas area. One of his favorite things to do in his free time is travel. A country that stands out in his mind with vividness as a great place to visit is Costa Rica. He loves Costa Rica because of its wide diversity of natural attractions. It is straddled by oceans on either side; the majestic and mysterious Pacific Ocean lies to its west and the colorfully vibrant Caribbean Ocean lies to the east. Thus, Costa Rica has two magnificent coastlines that offer a plethora of water and sand-related activities. Brandon Ralph McBride happened to be in Costa Rica when a well-known volleyball tournament was taking place in Jaco Beach; he was able to meet some of volleyball's brightest stars and enjoy the festivities.

He has a great interest and love for animals, which is indulged when he travels to Costa Rica. A unique animal that lives in Costa Rica is the Howler Monkey; it is found in the lush rainforest that blankets most of the nation. The rainforest is home to the greatest array of plant and animal species in the world. Visitors should consider hiking with the experience of a guide, as there are animals such as pythons and jaguars that should definitely be avoided. A trip on a riverboat is sure to be a greatly rewarding experience, says Brandon Ralph McBride; when he went on a riverboat tour is saw iguanas, a sloth, spider monkeys, and Cayman alligators, among other animals. Finally, Costa Rica is home to a number of live volcanoes. These volcanoes have no chance of erupting anytime soon, yet they do offer some of the most visually-aesthetic sceneries in the world.

Brandon Ralph McBride - Our Environmental Situation

Brandon Ralph McBride, a talented biotech consultant working in the greater Las Vegas area, is a very compassionate individual. He actively seeks opportunities in his community to help out those who are in need. One of his main interests is helping protect the environment.

The Earth is currently experiencing an extraction of its resources that has never been witnessed before. There are many among society who are very harsh of this reality. Brandon Ralph McBride is not one of these people. He sees our current extraction and use of resources as inevitable; the whole essence of our environmental situation is how to develop means of power that are adapted to our civilization of around seven billion people. This is the great task of all engineers and scientists who are born into our modern society.

The reason Brandon Ralph McBride sees our current environmental situation as inevitable is because economic giants, such as China, India, and Brazil, are entering a state of economic development that countries such as the United States and Great Britain have experienced for many years. That is; countless people around the world have suddenly been giving the opportunity to buy cars and other modern luxuries. With the exponential growth in technology, new entrants to the world's middle class can now buy items such as personal computers and smartphones. All of these highly-mechanized items require natural resources to be built.

Therefore, Brandon Ralph McBride is happy that our environmental predicament is a result of more people entering the middle class and being able to afford modern luxuries. The point of our environmental debate is not to stem this material progress, but rather to develop more efficient and cleaner methods of production and consumption.