Virus Party for Paramyxoviridae

Clara Rice

Paramyxovirus Party

Friday, Dec. 11th, 8am

A Human Body

  1. Go through the respiratory route
  2. Allow your membrane to fuse with a host cell membrane, and come in through endocytosis

Who is Invited?

Only paramyxoviruses; you have to have single-stranded RNA genetic information and a double layered lipid envelope to enter


1. Enter party (host)

2. Allow RNA to provide a template for mRNA synthesis

3. Let host make capsid proteins and a copy of the RNA

4. Put these together to form a new virus

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What to Watch Out For

Sometimes the host may have a vaccine against measles or mumps, but there are no vaccines against parainfluenza. Note that your effects will have a greater, more deadly result on young children/infants and elderly people.