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February 2021

Message from the AAPEAC Chairperson

“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” – Marian Wright Edelman, Founder Children’s Defense Fund

As we celebrate Black History Month, we honor the contributions of Black women and men throughout history who strived to make our world a better place. My hero, Marian Wright Edelman, is a lawyer and graduate of Spelman College. In 1973, she founded the Children’s Defense Fund as a voice for poor children, children of color, and children with disabilities. She continues her work today as a tireless advocate for building a world where children are raised with love, safety, and access to the best education possible.

As we celebrate Black achievement, your AAPEAC representatives and district partners are keenly aware that future leaders are in our classrooms today. Our current initiatives focus on the balanced approach of highlighting our children’s achievements and partnering on improving outcomes. We are proud to work with our district and school site leaders to shape a culture of acceptance, safety, and educational success for all our children. We also continue to serve you, our parents, as your elected advocates. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with your thoughts and ideas.

Update! AAPEAC Book Fair Extended to February 28

As we celebrate Black History Month and our love for reading, we are excited to announce that the AAPEAC sponsored Book Fair has been extended through the month of February! All proceeds from books ordered during this time will be used to add books with diversity to our school libraries.
Visit our online book fair: www.ashaybythebay.com
Etiwanda Code: #ESD21 at Checkout

Inside this Edition...


2020-21 Goals of AAPEAC

Each year, AAPEAC develops or updates goals for the committee. The current goals for AAPEAC are to:

  1. Create a process to validate and interpret data appropriately to measure our progress.
  2. Surgically identify opportunities for improvement for students including increased opportunities for those who over index on achievement.
  3. Recruit, hire, and retain strong African-American teachers.
  4. Increase engagement for African-American parents through our AAPEAC representatives.
  5. Create a culturally fluent and compassionate educational staff that embraces diversity and maintains safe spaces for children to grow and thrive.
  6. Evolve the language of our African-American population to an achievement perspective versus a deficit perspective.

Much of the work of the committee is conducted through the subcommittees. Each subcommittee focuses on an area of interest and aligns their work with the goals of AAPEAC.


AAPEAC Subcommittees

Cultural Event Subcommittee

The AAPEAC members on this subcommittee are focused on creating an environment where African American contributions are expected, acknowledged and celebrated in the Etiwanda School District.

Academic Subcommittee

The AAPEAC members on this subcommittee are focused on identifying equitable and culturally responsive practices to improve student outcomes in the Etiwanda School District.

Parent/Teacher Interaction Subcommittee

The AAPEAC members on this subcommittee are focused on empowering parent and educator collaboration in the Etiwanda School District.

Parent Subcommittee

The AAPEAC members on this subcommittee are focused on building connections within our community to strengthen communication and support.


Innovation Funding

The AAPEAC Committee annually receives funds from the Etiwanda School District for use in supporting activities, events, and programs that align with the mission and goals of the committee.

At our last meeting February 3, AAPEAC reviewed our first round of proposals and approved the following:

1. Class set of books for Ms. Lara, SIS 7th grade teacher

2. Black History Month Laser Light Show virtual assembly at Solorio Elementary

3. Financial support for any elementary school who would like to schedule the Black History Month Laser Light Show assembly.

Information on AAPEAC Innovation Funding and the Innovation proposal form may be found on the District website under "How Can I Get Involved?" AAPEAC link.


Black History Month

Your site AAPEAC Representative and Alternate Advisor are collaborating with your school principal and vice principal to plan events and activities to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of African Americans. If you would like to partner with your site representative, please see the School Site Representative List below for contact names.

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Next AAPEAC Meeting...

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 (Virtual)

Meeting agenda is available on the district website under the Family Tab "How Can I Get Involved" AAPEAC link, 72 hours prior to the meeting.

School Site AAPEAC Representative contact information is available through your school office or by calling the Instruction Department at (909) 803-3126.


Questions? Please reach out to us.

AAPEAC Officers

Stephanie Walton, chairwoman, stephrus1@msn.com

Myiesha Majors, vice chairwoman, realtormyieshamajors@gmail.com

Tawni Flot-Williams, secretary, tawniflot@gmail.com

Etiwanda School District

Charlayne Sprague, assistant superintendent of instruction, charlayne_sprague@etiwanda.org

Damita Walton, director of pupil services, damita_walton@etiwanda.org