The Land of the Corn

Land and Economy

Nebraska is the best state in the country! Here in Nebraska, we have so many things like major cities, refreshing lakes, huge farmland, fascinating museums, and more! Once you come here, you won’t want to leave. You and your family will have a wonderful time in this beautiful state. Omaha, Nebraska’s biggest city, lies on the east side of the Missouri river which runs along the states eastern border. The Platte, Niobrara, and Republican rivers are Nebraska’s major bodies of water. River’s were Nebraska’s earliest highways where Native Americans, explorers, and settlers traveled through them. The biggest part of Nebraska’s economy is their food processing. Nebraska’s number one farmed crop is corn. For 20 years, Nebraska has lead the country in the production of popcorn. Nebraska has rich soil, perfect for farming. Belleve, Nebraska’s oldest city, was the first European permanent settlement in 1823 and is known for its large population even today.

Culture and Interesting facts

Not only does Nebraska have beautiful farmland and rich farming soil, but it also has amazing cultural music, art, and dances! Through music, literature, art, and centuries-old traditions, Nebraskan’s honor their diverse cultures. Many artists were inspired by Nebraska’s wide prairie land, which eventually turned into farmland. The state exports it’s farming products to other states across the country. The Czech and Slovak festival held in Wilbur, features dancing and people wearing traditional clothing. At the University of Nebraska State Museum, visitors can see the worlds largest Wooly Mammoth fossil. Explorers thought the land in northern Nebraska was a desert and the sand hills covers nearly 20,000 square miles! Temperatures can be over 100 degrees, so if you love the sun, Nebraska is the place for you!

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