Join The Southern Colonies

We support slavery

About The Southern Colonies

We have cash crop farms we sell the products to European countries for big profit. Many of our plantations grow tobacco, wheat/grain, and cattle.

About Our Political System

Political System

We have a legislature with representatives for each southern colony, we also have governors in each and every colony

Geography Of Southern Colonies

The southern colonies are in flatlands that are wet, which is perfect for growing rice and indigo. Cash crops that are very profitibale.

Our Religious Beliefs

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In the southern colonies we practice Christianity, we do however support all religions

Economy In The Southern Colonies

In the southern colonies people mostly have cash crop farms in which many slaves work for them. They sell their products to European countries for profit. We grow tobacco, wheat/grain, and cattle. Mostly in plantations.

Daily Life/Kids

In the south we live too far from one another to bring our children together in one school building, Some planters engage tutors or private teachers. The wealthiest of us send their boys to England for school. Slaves are denied education