Is Time Travel Possible?

Research shows it might be in a few years


What if I told you that with a few major advancements in technology, time travel could be possible in a few short years? I've done some research, and (almost) all stories point to time travel possibility being a yes.

Natural Portals Through Time

Another possible way to travel through time is going through a wormhole. Wormholes are basically "shortcuts" through space that lead to distances billions of light years away from the starting point. An object sent through a wormhole could theoretically take hours or even minutes to travel billions of light years, essentially not aging but traveling into the future.
The bad side of this type of time travel is that it is impossible to go back in time to the present or the past. if the object goes back through the wormhole in an attempt to get back to the present, it would end up back at the same starting point in space, but another few billion years into the future, having aged another few hours in accordance with the amount of time it takes to go through the wormhole.

Building Time Machines

Ronald Mallett, a physics professor at the University of Connecticut, shaken by his father's death, decided when he was ten years old that he would build a time machine so he could warn his father about a heart attack that would kill him. If he was asked how he would accomplish this feat, he would reply, "... if gravity can alter time and light, and light can create gravity, then light can also alter time... a machine that would use lasers to twist time... to form a loop... if you affect space you will eventually affect time."
The bad part about this time machine is that Ron won't be able to see his father again because it would only be possible to travel back to a point that occurred after the device had been turned on. It would work, but if it was turned on in 2016, it couldn't be used to go to a point before 2016.


Like I said, to fully be able to travel through time would take a few major advancements in technology, and a lot of time. The hard part was getting up on our feet in this subject. If we are lucky, time travel will be possible within our lifetime.


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