D123 Hosts High School Fair

D123 Hosts Successful 3rd Annual High School Fair at OLHMS

What is the OLHMS High School Fair?

The 3rd annual OLHMS High School Fair was initiated by Mrs. Vanessa Follmar and the Counseling Department not only to excite our families and scholars about their future school, but to help them forge a new path to endless possibilities. Scholars and families had the opportunity to meet several high school representatives in person at OLHMS, where they were able to ask specific questions, learn more about each school, the programs they have to offer, and the phenomenal extra curricular options. Families left the high school fair having more knowledge and comfort regarding their child's future.

Mrs. Vanessa Follmar Discussing the OLHMS High School Fair.
What Manny liked about the OLHMS High School Fair!
What Allison & Sofia liked & learned from the OLHMS High School Fair!


On behalf of the OLHMS administrators and staff, we would like to personally thank each high school for supporting our scholars and 2021/22 High School Fair!

To learn more about the high schools that were in attendance, please click on your desired school below to be taken to their home page!

High Schools in Attendance

  1. Brother Rice
  2. Chicago Christian
  3. De La Salle Institute
  4. H.L. Richards
  5. IMSA
  6. Marist
  7. Morgan Park Academy
  8. Mother McAuley
  9. Mount Carmel
  10. St. Laurence
  11. St. Rita

10 Ways to Prepare for High School... NOW!!!

1. Stay Organized

~Keep all materials organized to reduce stress and save time.

2. Time Management Skills

~Plan your day and complete important tasks to help you stay on track.

3. Do your Homework

~Complete all assigned work to improve grades and reinforce skills and concepts learned in class.

4. Develop Good Study Habits

~Study to help increase knowledge, retain information, improve test scores, and reduce stress and anxiety.

5. Set Goals

~Set goals to motivate and challenge yourself to do your best.

6. Get Involved

~Join clubs and sports to increase self-confidence and build positive peer relationships.

7. Build Positive Relationships

~Surround yourself with positive people who support good decision making.

8. Develop Coping Skills and Strategies

~Figure out what helps you manage stressful situations.

9. Communicate

~Ask for help when needed; supports are always available!

10. Always Do Your Best

~As long as you are doing your best, you are always trying!

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