THE POLAR BEAR. (Ursus maritimus)



  • Polar bear is a mammal.
  • The Polar bear's skin is wrapped in fur.
  • The average weight for them is between 550 lb. to 1,700 lb.
  • It roars to communicate or display emotions.
  • An interesting fact of the Polar bear is that it's skin is black.
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-Food and Habitat

  • They also eat something called bearberries.
  • Polars are herbivores and carnivores.
  • They also hunt arctic foxes, lemmings, and many birds.
  • Despite what you have seen in the zoo, Polar bears eat dead whales and walruses.
  • They live and have adapted to a cold climate.
  • The Polar bears live in dens.
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  • The polar bear's fur color allows it to camouflage.
  • They are strong swimmers which helps them catch prey.
  • Also, polar bears are extremely heavy animals.
  • To deal with that, they have extremely large feet to spread weight so they don't crush themselves.
  • Camoflauge helps it catch prey by useing the hide and ambush ploy.

-Reasons for Endangerment

  • There are two reasons for endangerment of the polar bear.
  • Those are climate change and habitat loss.
  • These both happen because of global warming.
  • As I'm sure you know, Polar bears live on ice cap sand those are melting because of global warming.
  • To stop the extinction of the polar bear please just take a few necessary steps like walking or biking instead of taking automobile transportation everywhere.
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