Achieving the Dream

Dr. Russell Jones, Virginia Tech University

Dr. Russell Jones

This breakout led by Dr. Russell Jones, will serve as a follow up to his morning GEARup2LEAD talk where he will discuss signs of typical, as well as clinical, levels of distress and ways to cope with them.

It will also be an opportunity to respond to teachers' and parents' questions as well as sources for interventions.


Flint Youth Theatre Studio 1

Dr. Russell Jones

Dr. Jones is a Professor of Psychology at Virginia Tech University, and a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in clinical child and adult psychology, trauma psychology, and issues related to disaster and terrorism ( He is also an expert in the behavioral sciences. His research concerns the topic of childhood stress and coping, coping with common stressful life events as well as major traumas (i.e., natural and technological disasters as well as interpersonal violence). Disaster Preparedness and Posttraumatic stress disorder, Depression, Post Traumatic Growth, and Traumatic Brain Injury are major areas of study. Assessment, conceptualization, and treatment of consequent psychiatric and psychosocial disorders also serve as topics of interest. Co-editor of Behavior Therapy and Black Populations: Psychosocial Issues and Empirical Findings, Dr. Jones has also served as a member of numerous editorial boards and published extensively in the domain of child and adult trauma.

He has appeared on CBS News, CBC News, BBC, PBS, C-Span, Fox News and a host of other media outlets including print, radio and the web. He was also featured on the Dr. OZ show discussing the impact of the shootings in Newtown Conn., as well as ways of coping with it.


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