College Fair

Let's Build your Future

Meet with an Advisor

Students should feel prepared and empowered for their post-secondary journey ahead. Our academic advisors will meet with students to identify and discuss individual plans and opportunities for academic exploration beyond their high school education. We will help each student determine the best path for their future success.

College Fair

Thursday, Sep. 27th, 4:30-7:30pm

Huntsville, AL

National College Fairs will be here for 2 days to interact with students and parents! Come for free food and with tons of questions for your top universities!

The Lineup

4:30 Doors Open and Refreshments Available

4:45 Door Prizes

5:00 Principal Speaks

5:30 Check in with Advisor (if needed)

5:45 Attempt to stop at all booths- keep your options open!

6:30 Stop by financial booth for information (Scholarship options too!)

7:30 Event Ends

Academic Advising

Whether you plan to attend college, a trade school or jump right into the workforce after high school, you should be constantly learning and evolving everyday. As educators it's our job to help make this learning transition as smooth and stress free as possible. It's important that you have a plan prior to graduation.

The Academic Advising Center (AAC) is here to help you navigate through this difficult and sometimes confusing time!

We want to help you have the best future possible! Let us help set you up for success!

"The road to success for 99% of people isn't a jump! It's a steady incline from one successful project to the next!"

-Lee Morris