Welcome Aboard!!

I wanted to officially welcome you all to the SBSD Leadership Team!

Because we have three new Site Administrators starting at the same time, Nancy purposefully designed my new position to include partnering with the new Site Administrators to support your transition to the district and to make that transition as smooth as possible! She wanted you each to have a contact person to support you in any way that you may need! I am here to serve you, answer questions, keep you informed of upcoming events/timelines and help you learn the Solana Beach ropes, so to speak.

As I've begun designing what this might look like, I am thinking that we'll have regularly scheduled meetings with the 4 of us to discuss District "stuff" and then I will also set up individual meetings to address site specific questions and topics. These meetings will be VERY informal and hopefully helpful to you! And of course, I want you to feel free to call or email anytime if you have a question!

Stephan and Elisa, I know that you are both experienced principals, my role is not meant to insult your competence, but to "Coach" you on the Solana Beach roles, responsibilities and culture. Matt, obviously as a new administrator, my coaching role with you will be very different-especially as we work to clear your credential.

I'm not sure what everyone's timeline for working over the summer is...but I would like to schedule a day, prior to our official first day back, to get you up to speed on some "Technology" things you will need that first week and to give you some background on the Leadership team and structure. You are scheduled to "officially" start at your sites on Monday, August 5 and we have our Leadership Retreat on August 6.

I will try and coordinate a date that works for all of us. I'm here all summer and Matt is available all but a couple of days early in the week of July 22. If you could let me know if there are days/weeks that you are unavailable and if there are better days for you than others, I will get back to everyone with a date, time and location.

I'm including my contact information-Call or Email ANYTIME!! It's my job to be there for you!! I am so excited for each of you and for our district! It's been a long time since we've had new site administrators and now to have 3 is AMAZING!! I look forward to working with each of you-It's going to be an awesome year!! Solana Beach is a great district and I know that your presence will only make us better!




Cell 858.539.9290

Office 858.7137