By: Marissa Mayfield, Jessica James, Curtis Payne

An adorable boy with brown hair and brown eyes and the cutest dimple in his chin. William Wallace is incredibly intelligent with just a few quirks that make him extra-special!

William Wallace has an eye for design and is really good at geometry.

While he enjoys peace and quiet and sometimes isolates himself, he is a hard worker and incredibly smart.

William Wallace in the Education World

Attended: Pre-school through College

Diagnosed with PDD/NOS or Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified at 2 and half years old this is a diagnosis that is featured on the autism spectrum.

He displays Tactile Defensiveness which is hypersensitivity to touch.

Throughout his school career he participated in Special Education but was also able to be in a regular classroom for most of the day.

Strategies include: Block scheduling and ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis.