By Mary

What is Democracy

Austraila's formal name is the Commonwealth of Austraila. The form of goverment usued in Austraila is a constitutional monarchy- 'constitutional' because the powers and procedures of the Austrailan Goverment are defined by a written constitution, and 'monarchy' because Austraila's head of state is Queen Elizabeth II

Map of Austraila

There are six states in Austraila NSW, VIC, QLD, SA,WA. there is also the Northen Terriorty or NT or short
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Aussie Flag

The Austrailan flag has the sothen cross which can only be seeh in the sothen hemshpher.The union jack is the English flag and the seven point star marking the seven states and territorys.
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In 1901 the head of states got together to create Austrailas first demoracy.


The population of Austraila is 23.13 million people!
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