Teamwork flyer


Importance of teamwork

Teamwork is super,super important. It's important because you have to use it every day. You use teamwork at school, sports and,at home. The world is based on teamwork. How would we have schools without builders. If those buliders don't work together. It would take a very long time to make whatever they are making. You can also use the president as an example. He works with the military ,and the government, and many, many more people. You can demonstrate teamwork everywhere, like literally everywhere. Even if you don't like teamwork you still have to use it.

Teamwork in the real world

Times when if used teamwork

I have used teamwork a lot and I mean a lot. I've used it so many times because I've grown up playing hockey. It is really all teamwork because when we pass we use teamwork. When we Flat out play the game we use teamwork. At school I use teamwork. I work with other when I'm in language arts. I use it when I'm in math. I use it when I'm in science. I use it when I'm in social studies. I also use it when I'm at home, my brother and and I have to clean the house and we have to do homework. Teamwork builds friendship. It also makes strong trust bond.
Funny teamwork.. Holy sheep animated..
The Power of Teamwork - Funny Animation.