by Tyler

1. Tall and Small

One school day I went inside.

I saw giants so tall they touched the sky.

I was so small and they were so tall.

So I got stilts and I was tall.

Now I'm taller than them all.

free verse,hyperbole line 2

2. Dinner

My mom

made pork chops as good as the best brownies that melt in your mouth.

At my house.


For dinner.

5W Poem 2-3 simile

3. Bear Football

See what I found:

A football,

it's a dark brown bear,

in my brothers room,

to play catch,

fun to play with.

see what I found poem, line 2 metaphor

4. Snug As A Rug

My stuffed animal bug,

Gave me a hug,

In the night,

As they fight,

To keep as snug as a rug.

limerick, personification line 2


Silver and slippery at my toes and on it goes

Never stops nipping at my toes

On and on it goes

Winter stays and winter goes.

acrostic, alliteration line 1 and 2

6. I Am A Bird

I am a red bird as red as a ruby.

I see a lake so beautiful it hurts your eye's.

I hear "caw caw" of my fellow birds.

I love the sound of nature.

I fear my eggs being stolen.

I know the ways of the forest.

I hate the rain because I can't fly.

I remember when I first flew.

I believe I can fly.

I am a bird as red as a ruby.

"I am" poem,onomatopoeia line 3