Gliese 832c

can we live on gliese?

what is Gliese 832c ?

Gliese 832c is an extrasolar planet located approximately 16 light-years away in the constellation of grus, orbiting on the star Gliese 832, a red dwarf.

All about it....

The newly discovered exoplanet, labeled Gliese 832c, has an orbital period of 35.68 days, a mass 5.4 times that of Earth’s and receives about the same average energy as Earth does from the Sun.

Gliese 832c might have Earth-like temperatures, albeit with large seasonal shifts, given a similar terrestrial atmosphere.

“If the planet has a similar atmosphere to Earth it may be possible for life to survive, although seasonal shifts would be extreme,” Prof Tinney said.

A denser atmosphere, something expected for Super-Earths, could easily make this planet too hot for life and a Super-Venus instead

How to get ther...

im going to get to gliese 832c by a rocking ship the rocking ship would cost 200,000,00 I need to buy fuel for the rocking ship 100,000,000.

Food an plan...

when I get there im going to build space houses to bring people from earth and take back pictures. the beginning of the 1960's, space food was bite-sized or placed in aluminum tubes. The food was prepared this way so that they wouldn't be too heavy or take up too much space. From the 1970's, during the Apollo period, the number of space food items began to increase. Currently, there are about 150 different types of food. The meals are very similar to the meals we eat on Earth