The Giant Panda

An Animal Species


"you got to let go of the stuff from the past-because it just doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now." -Po

Who said this remarkable quote you ask? Well it can't be no other than Po the panda from the movie Kung fo Panda!

Organization Technique


Do panda really like to eat? where do they live? These questions and many more will be answered about our friends, the panda.

Tropical order

1.Physical description


111.Endangered species


pandas are covered in white with parts that are black. It has black fur on its ears,shoulders, and legs. They also have black on there eye patches as if it was makeup covering there eyes. Their coat of fur keeps them warm from cooler temperature. They reach up to six feet ,and may be up to 250 pounds (depending on how much they eat). Could live up to 35 years of age.


Pandas are part of the Ursidae family. They live in the mountain ranges in central china. Giant pandas live in a broadleaf and dense forest where there is lots of bamboo! There is much rainfall and mist in the forest they live in.


Eat 20-40 pounds of bamboo each day! They spend 10-16 hours a die eatiing and playing, the rest is for sleeping.

Endangered Species

Pandas are a endangered species. Roads, cities and railroads are starting to take away these beautiful creatures habitat. Forest destruction is taking away the food supply they need to survive. Hunting and poaching for these animals are still in threat. They mostly kill these animals for there fur.


Cute pandas playing on the slide