Mr. Huelsman's Science Class

Wekly Update April 10, 2016

Good Monday Morning!

Good morning! I hope everyone had a restful weekend. This week in science we are diving into our last unit on energy. Students will be working on this unit until right before we go to Glen Helen.

I am also excited to announce that TMS has been chosen to participate in the Ohio Energy Project (OEP) energy efficiency educational program. TMS has participated in this program for the last five years with great results. Please see the attached letter below for explanation.

A big part of the OEP program is doing homework assignments that asks for them to look at their homes and evaluate the energy efficiency of their homes. They will need your help to do this. This past Friday the students were an OEP kit. This kit contained CFL light bulbs, weather stripping, LED night light, and other energy efficient material. This kit is completely free and is paid for through the Ohio Electric Cooperatives. No district money or tax dollars were used to purchase the kits. The only requirement is that students complete a pre and post energy efficiency test and that you the parent, complete a parent survey at the end. I will send out more details later about the parent survey. If you have questions please let me know.

Last week students took the Science End of Year Exam/Test. I am so proud of them! The overall majority of students did very well and showed amazing growth in science!! This group has been amazing to work with and as their science teacher my heart swells with pride when I think about all their accomplishments throughout the school year. Part of my teaching philosophy is to push students to levels they didn't think possible and most of them have meet and exceeded my expectations! They all deserve a huge round of applause and a big pat on the back for all their hard work!

Below are some other announcements and the tentative schedule for this upcoming week. Take care.

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Glen Helen Reminders

Our trip to the Glen is quickly approaching. We are starting to gear up here at school. Here are some reminders:

  • Students should consult the packing list and pack ONLY what they need. Remember, no cell phones, electronics, snacks, or weapons of any kinds. If students are caught at Glen Helen with any banned items, they could be asked to go home and will not get a refund.
  • Medication permits and medication need to be turned into the school nurse on or before Friday April 22, 2016. Failure to do so could result in your son/daughter not being able to go to Glen Helen.
  • Students need a ride to school when they go to Glen Helen. Transportation WILL NOT allow them on the buses with their camping gear.
  • We get back to TMS on Friday around 1:00 PM. Once students get their gear off the bus, they are free to go and will need a ride home. Again, transportation WILL NOT allow them on the buses with their camping gear.

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Tentative Weekly Classroom Schedule

Monday 04/11/16: Activity#54 "Drive A Nail" lab. Students will also be assigned their first Ohio Energy Project (OEP) homework assignment "Home Energy Audit". This is due on Friday.

Homework: Work on OEP "Home Energy Audit".

Tuesday 04/12/16: Go over Activity#54 "Drive A Nail". Students will then read "What is Energy?" reading packet and complete the worksheet in class.

Homework: Finish worksheet if not completed in class. Work on OEP "Home Energy Audit".

Wednesday 04/13/16: Go over "What is Energy" reading and worksheet. Students will the start the Activity#55 "Roller Coaster" lab activity.

Homework: Work on OEP "Home Energy Audit".

Thursday 04/14/16: Finish Activity#55 "Roller Coaster" lab activity. Students will then work on graded analysis question #1 in class. Analysis question#1 due Friday.

Homework: Finish OEP "Home Energy Audit". Finish AQ#1. Both are due Friday.

Friday 04/15/16: Students will turn in OEP "Home Energy Audit" homework activity. Activity#56 "Shake The Shot" lab activity.

Homework: None. Have a safe and fun weekend.