Folktale: Grammar Matters

By: Jessie Stahl =)

Grammar Matters

Once upon a time, a boy was walking through the woods. When he saw a beautiful unicorn, he stopped dead in his tracks. The boy became startled when he saw that the unicorn's horn was rammed in the tree, and the unicorn, no matter how hard it pulled, could not get it out.

"Help!" the unicorn wailed.

The boy grabbed the unicorn's horn and helped him pull. Finally, with a loud POP the unicorn's horn was free.

The unicorn was so elated that he decided to grant the boy three wishes.

The unicorn bowed to the boy, and announced, "You are my savour, please take my small gift of three wishes."

The boy jumped up faster than a speeding hawk. "I want a billion bucks!" the boy shouted.

The unicorn, disappointed at how greedy the boy was, decided to help him out and teach him a lesson. FIZAM! A billion deer were now galloping throughout the forest.

"What did you do that for?" the boy asked.

The unicorn just smiled. "Next?" he asked.

Realising his first mistake, the boy thought carefully.

"I want a um... a... uh... free mansion!" he said, thinking he had outsmarted the unicorn.

FAZZAZLE! A mansion appeared, grew legs, then ran off screaming, "I am free! I am free! Nobody has to live in me anymore!"

The boy, now pushing at the deer who was trying to eat the snack of goldfish crackers he

had is his pocket said, "My last wish is, can you make these deers go away!?"

The Unicorn responded, "A.) What are deers? And B.) Can I?" The boy snorted with anger. The unicorn, finally showing some compassion, made the deer disappear with another loud FIZZAM!

The boy almost never went through the woods again, and always used correct grammar.