iPads in the Classroom

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Who is doing it?

Everyone! Since their release, iPads have been the most popular 1:1 source of technology in classrooms. The majority of schools in Kansas and probably the nation have iPads in their buildings. Right now, many schools use iPads as shared devices, but quite a few are realizing that iPads are not meant to be a shared device and are moving to a 1:1 iPad initiative.

From the developers

Check out what Apple has to say about iPads in the classroom here.


Worried about iPads fading out like many 1:1 laptop initiatives? Don't be. Read all about why iPads are here to stay.

Still unsure?!

There is absolutely no reason to be unsure about iPads in the classroom, but if you REALLY want some more encouragement, check out these 8 studies.

Eric Crouch is using iPads very successfully with first graders.

iPads in the Classroom

As if you need more reasons to say yes.

Pay particular attention to the "audience" section. Sharing is huge and iPads do it well!

iPads in Education?

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Apple TV and iPads in the Classroom