Ms. Austin's Kindergarten



Dear Parents,

I really enjoyed meeting with you to celebrate your child’s learning and progress in Kindergarten. The children are so precious and it’s fun to share their growth with you.

Last week we went to a High School science lab and learned more about weather. One of the things we learned was how to make a thermometer at home. I’m attaching the directions (link) to this newsletter for you in case you’d like to give it a try at home!

This week we start two new literacy units and a new social studies unit! In Reading Workshop we will be stretching into Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles. In Writing Workshop we will start an Illustration unit. Children Near and Far will explore other cultures in our Social Studies unit. So much fun to be had and new things to learn!



· Pocket Problems

· Probability Stories (vocabulary: likely/unlikely/possible/impossible)

· Probability Tray

· Pan Balances

· Train Games

Reading Workshop: Kicking off our new unit by

· revisiting patterns in books,

· using patterns to help us read our books,

· looking at the beginning sound and illustration to help us figure out tricky words,

· and looking at the ending sounds to see if we said the word correctly (ex: come or comes)

Word Study:

· -ad Word Families (bad, cad, fad, etc.)

· -am Word Families (Sam, bam, ram, etc.)

· -en Word Families (pen, hen, ten, etc.)

Social Studies:

· What is culture?

· World Maps, Globes, and the Continents (song)

· Flags and Symbols

· Begin Rotation between classrooms: Games, Folk Dances, Transportation, and Homes from around the world!

Writing: Kick off our Illustration Unit!

· Writers explore illustrations in books.

· Writers think, tell, and plan what they will draw.

· Writers pay attention to the shapes in their stories.

· Writers carefully draw the people in their stories so that they look real.

· Writers tell and draw clothing on the people in their stories so that readers know how they really look.

Learning Centers:

· Sorts

· Matching Dominoes to Number Cards (0-20)

· Handwriting

· Computer time on Raz Kids

Verse of the Week


“Choose this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

You have to go to the grocery with your mom after school; the check-out line is miserably long and you are very tired. Can you find a smile to give to the check-out person?

“You may never know all the good a single smile can do.”

Mother Teresa

Upcoming Dates:

November 23- Warren's Birthday!

November 26- All School Thanksgiving assembly 10 a.m.

Early Dismissal Day 11:30

November 27- No School

December 14- Christmas Program Performance for our class! The program starts at

6:30 p.m.

December 12- Zavier's Birthday!

December 17- All School Christmas Assembly

Early Dismissal Day 11:30