Larry Legend

The Legend of Larry Bird

The Great White Hope

Everyone who knows basketball, knows Larry Bird. He was one of the greatest NBA player and has evolved the game of basketball more than you might think. Before the great Larry Legend played in the NBA, the game of basketball was a very simple game; run, drive, pass and score. When Larry Bird arrived into the NBA, things changed the way game played with his very unique style. He created the three point shot and not only that, but he popularized flashy passes in the NBA.
Simply.. Larry Bird! The best ever! [HD]

Every Legend has an End

After playing in the NBA for thirteen years, Larry Bird finally announced his retirement in front of thousands who came to watch the game or watching on television. He announced his retirement on the Celtic's home court. Everyone watched as the legend walked out of the spotlight, never to be seen playing an NBA game again. "There will never be another Larry Bird..." - Magic Johnson
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