Heisler's Herald

May 2nd, 2016

News for you!

Career Dress Day- our Whole School PBIS reward is dress for the career you may want in the future. This dress for success day will be Tuesday.

MAP Test- We will take the Math MAP test on Thursday.

Box Tops

We are STILL collecting Box Tops and Campbell's Labels for Education! :) We really appreciate your support!

You can use the collection sheet found in your child's Monday Folder.


1. Clip your box tops logos off of participating General Mills products

2. EITHER put them in a baggie OR you can attach them to this collection sheet!

3. Send them to school with your child!

***Please note: you cannot attach any bonus box tops (worth more than one), soup labels, or catalina box top coupons to this collection seet.***


1. Clip the Bonus Box Top (anything that says it’s worth 2 or more box tops) or UPC code from participating Campbell’s Soup products

2. Put them in a baggie

3. Send them to school with your child!

Summer I.C.E.

See attached flyer about the Summer ICE Program offered through our school district.

Click here for the flyer.

Important Dates

May 5th- Math MAP Test- correction (New date)

May 13th- Battle of the Books

May 17th- Fun Run!

May 20th- Author Visit

May 27th- Wax Museum

May 30th- NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

May 31st- All library books due!

June 3rd- Last day of school!


This week we are reading the story The Unsinkable Wreck of the R.M.S. Titanic.

Question of the Week ~ How can we find adventure in ordinary events?

Reading Skill ~ Graphic Sources

Reading Strategy ~ Inference

Grammar Focus~ Adjective and Articles

Word Analysis~ Acronyms

Literary Term~ Jargon

Vocabulary Focus~Unknown Words

Speling Focus~Related Words

Genre~ Historical Fiction

THIS IS A CONTINUATION FROM LAST WEEK DUE TO MAP TESTING! The test for this story will be on May 6th.


This week we will continue with Topic 11. We will be learning to convert customary units of length, capacity, and weight. Next week we will learn to convert metric units. The Topic 11 test is tentatively set for May 19th.

Social Studies

The students will continue to work on their Famous Person research, paper, and projects during this time. Due dates for this are as follows:

April 14th: Rough Draft due

May 12th: Final copy of paper and projects due

May 27th: Wax Museum (more details to come)


Summer Birthdays

Grant 6/16

Nico 6/17

Kenny 6/22

Ally P. 6/27

Sahana 7/6

Adrianna 7/30