The Bahamas

Peyton Doyle

Diving in the ocean.

The Bahamas offer an array of dive experiences like no other destination! You can find inland blue holes, under water caves, and you can swim and feed with reef sharks!

Family Fun Places

The Bahamas is practically a playground for kids of all ages! Kids and adults can ride horses up and down the beaches. There is sand volleyball. There is even a Kids Camp in the Bahamas! You can also visit the Royal Towers. The most famous beach is Montagu Beach.

Some of our very beautiful pictures of the Bahamas

Any sport your into we have them!


The Bahamas have a lot of sea food. They have uncooked Conch that they crave. They have "Rock Lobster." These lobsters don't have claws. They also eat pigeon peas, stew fish, ham soup, and rice.
Ocean Blue Holes of Andros Bahamas - Best Travel Destination
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