Fifth Grade Birthday Celebration

$5.00 Donation Fee Please

Birthday Treats

This year, birthdays will look a little different for your child. On your child’s actual birthday or half birthday, you child’s name will be announced over the intercom at school and your child can bring in a very small treat; if you choose to do so. A small treat may include suckers, hard candy, Starburst, etc. Just keep in mind that you will need to provide 80 servings of what you choose to bring in for the WHOLE grade; not just your child’s homeroom.

Birthday Celebration

Then, towards the end of every month, we will do a Fifth Grade Birthday Celebration to celebrate all birthdays from the previous month. Teachers will bring in supplies for that celebration, so as a parent you will not need to worry about anything. Teachers might bring in cupcakes one month, ice cream the next, nachos another month, and so on.

$5.00 Donation Please

As you might know, the Fifth Grade Birthday Celebration will get kind of expensive buying food for 80 students. We are asking every child bring in a one time $5.00 donation fee for the fund to help pay for food, drinks, plates, napkins, etc. Please bring in the money ASAP even if your child’s birthday is not until the end of the year. Thank you for your support.