.:Whats is Important to Me:.

Tt Elainey Godlove

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.:PQERT Paragraph:.

The person that has influenced my life the most is my niece, Cecilia. She has given me a reason to go on with my life. I have lived in some dark places and seen some horrible things. She helped me with my depression and she gave me a true reason to go on with life. I try to look for a better place because of her. This is also why I wan to be a good role model for her. She always goes on about how she wants to sing like Tt. We are the closest in age, so I have to do as much for her. I have to influence her as much as she influences me. In conclusion, Cecilia has been a big influence in my life.


I am in French class. I love French! It is a very beautiful language . I'm going on the 2016 Europe trip. I'm so excited to go, and my sister can't wait either. She just wants the supervenes!