with Mrs Ferguson


Hello Mulberry students, I know the start of our 20-21 year is looking a little crazy, but we can still make some music!

New Music Workout!

Try this new Musication video. It is a good workout and you can get PE and Music in one!

Have FUN!!

Homerun - Home edition - movement

Bucket Rhythms

All you need is a bucket and two sticks...can you make music with them? Remember Music is a universal language you do not need to understand what they say to play the rhythms. This video explores several different styles of music. Give it a try.
JUEGOS DE RITMO ✔ "BANQUETE DE RITMOS" juegos musicales para niños y adultos

Musication Youtube video

Check this out! You all know I love using musication videos in class to play boomwackers and percussion instruments.....well they have created two videos to play at home!! Click on the videos below and try it out. You can get four things from around your house and "play" them in front of your computer. I will post a video of myself doing one so you can see what to do. You could also get four people to play different things with you. HAVE FUN!

(oh, as for my video, apologies for my two year old screaming, "I can't hear it," in the background. She was a little upset that we were not including her.)

Can Can - Home edition - percussion
How to play along at home
Alla Turka - Home edition - Percussion

Mrs. Ferguson

Please email me if you have questions or want to share the music things that you are doing. The website below is google music lab and has lots of cool things to do. I miss making music with you in person but I hope you are enjoying this virtual music.