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Joining the Army

“Hey need a career the army can help.” The soldier shouted. We have different options of active duty and army reserve. There are life jobs that we can provide in the army. The three categories there are joining, life career and ranks you’ll need to know if interested to be in the army.

Four step

There are four steps you need to know to join the army. The first step is to apply online and submit your information required to get started. The next step is talking to a recruiter to discuss your goals and why you are recruiting. You’ll have time to ask them questions about the third step to learn more about taking the ASVAB test that you’ll need to take for applying .the last step is to visit the MEP’S to get checked if your healthy for active duty and army reserve.


The second section you will decide witch life career you would like to choose active duty or army reserve. The different in between the both sections are active duty is 2-6 years typical deployment it 12 mouths then get 2 weeks off every 6 mouths. The army reserve is 3-6 years with collage educations while serving your community. Attending field training exercise and could be called in for active duty anytime.


Last of all the ranks are the most important as your time serving. From the day you start you start earning your ranks for combat training and higher you get you have the opportunity to order the troops. The higher get as high as captain and able to lead big army’s up to (6000-5000) soldiers. You can find more information online on the website www.goarmy.com/learn/apply.html go check it out.