The Odyssey

The Story of Oddyseus

How Odysseus is a Hero

Odysseus is a hero because of many different reasons, here is a few of them:

He's brave

Oddyseus is brave because even when they froze in "terror at his (the cyclopes) loud voice and monstorous size" he was still brave and answered. He also didnt run away or give up and let himself get eaten, he came up with a plan to get out.

He's cunning

The cyclopes woul've told the other cyclopes who oddyseus was but Oddyseus said his name was nobody so insted when the cyclopes told the other cyclopeses he told them"nobody, my friends, is trying to kill me by violence and trechary" so they just thought he was crazy.

And he is wise

When the cyclopes asked where his boat was, intending to destroy the remains probaly, he was very wise to answer "with cunning and wise words" that it had been destoyed, so that he and him men would be saved and have a way to sail away once they got out of the cyclopes cave.