The Classroom Connection

Mrs. Jefferson, ELA & SS

December 4, 2014

VIP Folders & Assessment Info.

Today's VIP Folder should include:

  1. Graded Papers
  2. 2nd Nine Weeks Interim - Please sign and return.

* Tomorrow, an affix test will be administered.

* Affix Study Cards -

* Scholastic Book orders are due tomorrow. Please make checks payable to "Scholastic." Thanks for your support! Every time you order books for your child, I receive points to purchase free books for our classroom library!

* The next Book Report Essay is due on next Friday, December 12, 2014.

* Midterm MAP testing will take place next week. Please make sure your child gets a good night's rest, eats a healthy breakfast, brings a snack, and comes to school with a positive attitude. Here's the testing schedule:

Tuesday, 12/9 - Reading

Wednesday, 12/10 - Math

Literacy & Social Studies

I am very proud to say we are making our own Time for Kid-ish magazines! Our magazines' themes are "Early 20th Century: Industrial Revolution & Immigration." During this venture, students are growing as readers, writers, researchers, and historians. Last week, we completed our inquiry into informational texts using Time For Kids magazine, and we worked together to assign roles and responsibilities for completing our magazine. This week, students are researching and drafting informational pieces about their chosen topics. Take a minute to ask your child about his or her contribution to their class' TFKish magazine.

Writing Self Assessment

Self-assessment is defined as “the ability to recognize good work as such and to correct one’s performance so that better work is produced”. In the revision stage of our last informational writing piece, students created their own list of assessment criteria. This self-assessment provided them with the foundations for informed writing evaluation. These self assessments and their written pieces are in the VIP Folders today. The pictures below show the students working together to assess their own writing.
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Learning How to Be Better Test Takers

In an effort to become better test takers, we invited Dr. Sally Somerall, our Literacy Coach to give us some insight into Test Taking as a Genre. We read tests to try to figure out what is required of us as test takers. We then tried to use the information we gathered to create our own test questions. Every month, we will delve deeper into this new genre to strengthen test taking skills!
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DFES Mitten Tree

DFES is sponsoring our annual Mitten Tree again this holiday season. We are collecting new mittens/gloves, hats, scarves and socks for needy children in our area. These items will be donated to local charities when we leave for the winter holiday break. Students may bring items in to decorate the tree in the cafeteria lobby until December 19. Thanks for helping to keep hearts and hands warm in the Midlands this winter!

Student Interviews

Meet Kori by Kees

It was an honor interviewing Kori Peterman.She has many features about her and shares some things about her that I too enjoy , such as basketball pop music and the dream of playing in the NBA. She also has inspired me to try some new things like a restaurant called Olive Garden. While I was talking to Her I found a very interesting thing that takes courage to say. Her most extreme fear is graveyards. And I can’t blame her for that especially sleeping in one and I have to say after hearing her opinion about her most extreme fear I now have a second thought about mine. After hearing all of these amazing & brave things I thought of asking her this. If you had 3 wishes what would they be & why? She responded the following: to have a sports car like a Lamborghini, I would like a sports car too. She also said to be in the NBA. Her last wish would be to have a little sister. I have a feeling family is important to her just as family is important to me. I admit whenever I heard Kori was my partner I was not excited at first but now I am glad I was paired up with Kori Peterman.

Meet Kennedy by Travante

Interviewing Kennedy was fun. I got to learn stuff about her I didn’t know about her. I had questions and she had a lot of answers about her. She wants to help people with babies. She would want to meet michael jackson and ask him how is it being a superstar. If Kennedy could do anything she wants for just one day she would go to the movies with friends. Kennedy is a good friend to have.

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