Talatica's Space Voyage

Help Talatica get her ship back from General Kitstein!

Introduction: Talatica's Space Voyage

Greetings! My name is Talatica from the Planet Nikatron and I come in peace. I crashed my spaceship here and I need help getting home. Can you me get supplies and get to my ship safely without being captured by General Kitstein? You are my only hope!

Level 1: Go, Go Gadget

My spacecraft was damaged on the rocky landing to this planet. I need to get some gadgets for my ship so that I can repair it. Can you help me? Stay alive long enough to get the points necessary.

Level 2: On the Flip Side

Oh no! My spaceship is on the other side of the planet and which is being patrolled by General Kitstein’s Imperial Guard. Can you help get past the guards without being captured? Avoid the guards and get to the goal block.

Level 3: Up, Up & Away

Hmm… It seems as though Kitstein has captured by spacecraft and is holding it high in his palace. He has put the Imperial Guard and his snipers in the way! Defeat all the guards and snipers to get to the ship.

Level 4: For the Love of Money

We have to get to General Kitstein to retrieve my spaceship, but there are more guards protecting him. If we collect some coins maybe he will let us buy my ship back! Collect the points necessary before the timer runs out.

Level 5: Kitty Takes a Nap

Kitstein doesn’t want our money and has challenged us to a battle for the spaceship. Get through the last set of guards to face General Kitstein and get the spaceship back. Defeat the guards and General Kitstein to win!