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Do you know what diabetes is?

Diabetes is term that means passing through and it also refers to a group of diseases that affect how your body passes sugar through blood to the cells.


According to the American Diabetes Association, the number of people with diabetes in the U.S. has reached 24 million as of 2009. This statistic included 210,000, people under the age of 24. Cardiac disease and stroke were determined to be the the leading cause of diabetes related morality, responsible for 65% of deaths.

Is this you?

Singes and symptoms

  • Always tired
  • Sudden wight loss
  • Blurry vision
  • Always hungry
  • Always thirsty

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The main goal for treatment is to get your blood sugar levels under control.One of the ways to help is an insulin shots to help lower blood sugar by allowing it to leave the blood and enter your cells to be used as energy. There are many different types of insulin that vary in how quickly they work and the duration of their effects. You soled also start testing your blood with a glucose mother that you can do at home.


Diabetes is a chronic disease that doesn't have a cure yet. The prognosis is based on glucose control even if you have good control on blood glucose can impact the progression of complications and secondary illnesses caused by diabetes. Diabetics with a high control of blood glucose and blood pressure can greatly reduce risks of death, stroke,and heart failure. Once a diabetic has an illness, they often have a worse prognosis than non diabetics.

Why you should know about diabetes

You soled know about diabetes because it is a thing you cold have and not even know it. Some one in your family may have it if they do ask about it they may have a lot of knowledge on it.