Prenatal and Newborn Development

by: Stephanie Tucker

Key Milestones

1. Zygote- One celled organism, and simplest form.

2. Embryo- Brain, spinal cord, heart, backbone, and digestive track begin to develop.

3. Fetus- Begins in the 2nd trimester, and is when a human is truly labelled a living being. The size of the child and the interior and exterior organs and body parts grow and expand.

Cultural, Biological, and Environmental Influence

Nature vs. Nurture

Children learn, not only from embedded instinct, but also from the people around them. Cultural and environmental influence can have a huge impact on children. Children are born with the desire to move, or to make noise, and will inherit desires that are natural to them, but if they are living in an environment where they are ignored or ill treated, they will fail to thrive or grow to their full potential. Children can also be influenced negatively by their surroundings and environmental influences such as


Drug Abuse

Bacterial Surroundings


Lack of Medical Attention

Be Informed

Parents that are informed beforehand on prenatal and newborn development will have a greater opportunity to help their child achieve a greater understanding in the school environment. Awareness of cultural, environmental, and prenatal influences can help act in a proactive way, to keep children safe and to aid in growth and development.