William Godwin

father of philosophical anarchism


William Godwin was born on March 3, 1756 Wisbech, United Kingdom. He had thirteen siblings and was the seventh. His father was a minister. His family were dissenters. At the age of 17, Godwin wanted to enter the ministry ,but then he became into a complete unbeliever. His republicanism and radicalism were influenced by the write Rousseau of the American revolution. After this, he started to write short novels, biographies and newspaper pieces. He died on April 7, 1836



He was the founder of philosophical anarchism. In his An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, he would said that a government was unnecessary and corrupted.



Godwin was important to the history of utilitarian. He invocated British and French writers. Godwin's last contributions was the "the famous fire cause". He wrote many philosophical works and novels.http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/godwin/
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