Juliet internal conflict

people should not kill themselves for love

act 3 scene 5

Juliet was talking to Romeo saying "Art thou gone so, my lord, my love, my friend? I must here from thee every day in the hour." Juliet was upset that Romeo got banished because now they cant be together.

act 4 scene 3

Juliet started to stab herself but then thought "no,no! This shall forbid it." She wants to kill herself because she worried the plan would not work and the she would have to marry Paris.

act 5 scene 3

Juliet woke up from the potion and saw Romeo dead at said "o happy dagger! this is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die." When Juliet saw Romeo dead she stabbed herself with Romeos dagger.

Act 5 Scene 3 THEME

Romeos last words were "O, here will i set up my everlasting rest and shake the toke of incupictious stares from this world wearied flesh." Romeo killed himself because she saw and thought Juliet was dead. So he drank Poison and killed himself.