Kody's Project

Kody Boone

English IV

Mrs. Dearman

7 November 2013

Jane and Bingley's Poem

There once was a pretty girl named Jane,
When I saw her, it was love at first sight,
When we danced, she moved without a fright,
So I could not let one dance be all,
I danced once more with her, that was all,
She had dinner with my family many times,
One time, she arrived sick on a dime,
I helped attend to her aid until it fled away,
Then I left for many months, without a delay,
When I came back she still loved me,
Then my love came back to the tee,
And we got married without a plea!

Elizabeth and Darcy's Poem

I was invited to a friends dance,
Although I did not share a prance,
I saw a potentially pretty lady,
Who I criticized for her lack of beauty,
Once I reconsidered her looks,
I got caught on her eyes, a dangerous hook,
I tried my best to propose, but I didn't read the book,
Then she made me find the true me,
And I shaped her into humility,
When we finally married it was happy, happy, happy!

Ananlysis of Darcy

At the beginning of the novel Darcy does not describe himself, but he is described by others. But, at almost the very end of the book Darcy tells Elizabeth how he viewed himself. At that point in the book Darcy had already changed. When Darcy describes himself to Elizabeth toward the end of the novel he describes himself as a selfish, ill-tempered, prideful, spoiled man, who cared about nobody outside of his family (page 276-277).

When we first meet Darcy he arrives at Mrs. Bennets dance, or ball, as they called it in the times of the novel. Darcy is first judged to be a well figured tall man, with handsome features, that is also rich (page 6). Darcy is viewed in a positive light for about half of the evening, they people start to see his faults as he openly displays them. From the dance to about the climax of the story Darcy is viewed as a proud man who was above his company, and above being pleased (page 6).

When Darcy was rejected was rejected by Elizabeth he examined his faults. Darcy found himself to be very prideful, and boastful, and did not like it. So Darcy took a stand against these characteristics, but not alone. Darcy was taught a lesson by Elizabeth that humbled him (page 277).

Book Evaluation

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a good book to read in English IV. One reason is because Pride and Prejudice is worth a students time is because it teaches the lesson of true love. The book implies that true love sticks through everything, and it shapes the people that are involved in love. The lesson about true love that it teaches is not only a good lesson, but by reading it in English IV, when kids are seventeen to eighteen years old, a crucial growing point in a persons life, it is a good time to learn what true love is. Pride and Prejudice also gives a picture of what Americas foundation was built on. Pride and Prejudice shows the history of Middle England in the mid-nineteenth century.