The Police Force

By Terikah Evans

Who has control of this particular issue?

The government and police chief's.

Define how this power has been asserted?

The state's constitution granted power to govern, to make, adopt, and enforce laws for the protection and preservation of public health, justice, morals, order, safety, security, and welfare. It also gives a government the right to take private property for public use under the doctrine of eminent domain. Although police power is fundamental and essential (and cannot be surrendered or transferred) it is subject to constitution-imposed limitations such as due process and supremacy of the law of the land.

Do you agree that this particularly entity (state or federal government) should have control over this issue? Explain.

Yes. I feel as if it's the police job to be in control. Despite the crooked police out here, the police are good in my book. A police officer enforces prevailing laws, attempts to prevent crime, and generally looks out for the health and safety of a community

Where does this particular entity get the authority to regulate this issue?

Federal law enforcement authorities have authority, given to them under various parts of the United States Code. Federal law enforcement officers enforce various laws, generally at only the federal level.

Where do our political parties stand on this particular issue?

"Republicans and unions are like oil and water: They don’t go together. Except for one big exception. Republican politicians support police unions and unionized fire fighters too, often exempting them from the scorched earth policies they direct toward other public sector unions, like teachers and government workers."