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Friday, February 14, 2021

Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. 1 John 3:18

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It was a 'Happy Valentines' kind of day here at Saint Michael School.

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February 15-19: Winter Break, NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, February 17th: Ash Wednesday

February 22-26: No School Meals Provided. Please pack your student breakfast and lunch daily.

Wednesday, February 24th, Early Release, Teacher In-service day. Students will get a chance to eat their home lunch before dismissal and should be picked up at 12 Noon. Aftercare will be available on this day until 3pm.

A peek into March:

For those of you new to our school community this year, our NEASC visit (for reaccreditation) was postposed last spring because of COVID. We just received word that a virtual visit is scheduled for MARCH 21 - MARCH 24, 2021. This is one week earlier than anticipated. We will inform you of any necessary updates as the week approaches.

Congratulations to our high school students for their completion of the CLT this week!

Most of our high school students sat for the CLT or Classical Learning Test this week. As we shared earlier this year, the CLT is emerging as a new standardized test alternative for college bound students. As our high school expands in enrollment and course offerings, preparing our students for the CLT is a perfect complement to our Classical curriculum. If you are curious to know more about the CLT and how it differs from the ACTs or SATS, check it out here: https://www.cltexam.com/

Our Students Are 100 Days Smarter Today!

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Students in Kindergarten through grade 3 dressed up as 100 year olds in celebration of the day.

They were all invited to wear costumes for the day and participate in 100 themed lessons and projects. Some powdered their hair, donned eyeglasses or suspenders. We had bow ties, canes and handbags strewn about. One young lady even arrived with a walker! Some were sweet, and some were grumpy. It was hilarious to see all the students get into character, sometimes shuffling down the hallway or pretending to cough... I don't know where they get all the inspiration from but it was a riot!

Thank you to our teachers, Ms. Bemis, Mrs. Martin, and Mrs. King, for planning such a fun morning to celebrate our 100th day of school. This is a tradition enjoyed here at Saint Michaels, and in schools all over the country, but it means so much more this year. We are blessed that our students have been in the classroom learning for the past 100 days. God is Good!

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Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day

The school was buzzing this morning, like the quiet, steady hum of a beehive, as students and staff scurried around delivering Valentines. Partly due to COVID, and partly just for fun, we stepped up our community Valentines game and had mailboxes placed throughout the building for safe delivery of notes or treats. This afternoon most classes took some time to have a small class party where students enjoyed treats and opening their mailboxes.

Thank you too all of our parents for your help in creating those mailboxes and all the thoughtful valentines. It was a very loving, kind day here at SMS.

*rest assured that any unmasked photos were taken for the purposes of a photo, in many cases to show off their fake beards and mustaches, or because they were enjoying snack as a class today.

OK SMS Families, This is Your Call to Action!

We have had such an unbelievable year here on Walnut Street. Thank you to all of you have who reenrolled your students for Fall 2021-2022.

If you know a student who would benefit from being enrolled here at Saint Michael School next fall, we invite you to share our posts publicly, or pass along a private message. Don't keep the secret to yourself. The only thing that could make our school any more awesome is... more awesome families!
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Support this SMS entrepreneur and reserve yourself some local farm fresh eggs!

One of our students, Wes, approached us this week to see about advertising his farm fresh eggs now for sale. His chickens lay about a dozen a day. He sells them for $3.00 a dozen.

If you are interested in reserving a dozen, please contact Jennifer at 802.579.2951 or email: jennifer.leonard323@gmail.com.

After this week, Wes' contact information will be available through the SHOP LOCAL link below.

SHOP LOCAL this winter and support SMS families*

*SMS does not sponsor or benefit from the sales or purchases of any of these vendors. Listed are wonderful fundraisers, businesses and gift giving ideas from families in our community. Consider shopping local and supporting one another this year.

Calling all HS Seniors: FAFSA

The US Department of Education has informed the AOE that Vermont is experiencing a 10% decrease in FAFSA forms filed by high school seniors compared to last year at the same time, which mirrors a nationwide trend. We are encouraging high school seniors across Vermont to file the 2021-22 FAFSA form to help defray the costs of their postsecondary education. FSA provides digital resources for students and families at StudentAid.gov.

Contact: Suzanne Sprague at aoe.edinfo@vermont.gov

A wonderful article this week in the Wall Street Journal, praising Catholic schools during the pandemic

Every year, Catholic Schools Week is a time of celebration. But this year in particular, Catholic Schools have risen to the challenge and reopened their doors to students nation wide.

Wiliam McGurn wrote a fantastic Op Ed piece for the Wall Street Journal this week.

To read the article, click here.

The success of this year is the result of ALL of us. We are so grateful to all of our parents for partnering with us every day to make it work. Thank you!

Our students are so happy and healthy this year. They are right on track with their academics! They enjoy physical education class weekly, and recess every day with their peers. They have someone to chat with while they eat their lunch, and they have to get out of bed each morning and put clothes on. These are small things we took for granted a year ago, but now, in light of COVID, 'the every day' has become a blessing.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at lindsayoneil@smsvt.info

We are grateful to each of you for placing your trust in us this year.

We love spending our days with your children.... they are all so unique and awesome!

Together, we have created a fun, safe, loving educational bubble for those students blessed enough to be here this year.

This is our small way of saying thank you for your trust and loyalty.

To Apply for Financial Aid, Click Here

For more information about our financial aid process, please contact Lindsay ONeil at 802.254.6320 or visit: https://saintmichaelschoolvt.org/financial-aid

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Please try to arrive promptly at 8:15 am to allow your student enough time eat breakfast.

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Click to Make Purchases Through Amazon!

As you do your shopping, please shop at smile.amazon.com/ch/03-0181252 Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the Saint Michael Parish Charitable Trust.

Community Information

For the remainder of the year, this helpful information will remain here for quick reference.

What to do if my child is sick?

Dear Families,

Please follow these guidelines when your child presents with any of the following symptoms. With the onset of cold and flu season, we must remain vigilant in keeping our students safe. Thank you for your cooperation and positive responses as we navigate these uncertain times.

Source: Schools of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington United in Faith, Returning with C.A.R.E. Guidelines

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Who ya gonna call?

Depending on your needs, there is probably a best person to contact for help:

Attendance, billing, events/calendar, school food program: sandigauthier@smsvt.info

Admissions, FACTS tuition management, fundraising and donations: lindsayoneil@smsvt.info

Makeup work or curriculum questions: please contact your teacher directly

All of our teachers and staff have their school email address listed on the faculty page of our website. If you are unsure of how to reach a teacher or staff member, here is the link: https://saintmichaelschoolvt.org/faculty

Make a donation to support Saint Michael School

In addition to tuition and school fundraisers, SMS relies upon the generosity of private donors to help support the mission of Saint Michael School each year. Thank you in advance for your generous support!

We are here for you!

Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Please reach out. We LOVE to hear from our families!

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