Jose antonio navarro

by Isaiah fajardo

Birth and Death

Jose Antonio Navarro was born on February 27, 1795 in San Antonio, Texas. He was born to the son of Angel Navarro (born about 1750) and Josefa Maria . His father left his native Ajaccio,Corica in the 1760s. Jose Antonio died on at the age 75, 1871, on January 13.


He wanted his own country. He died on January 13 at the age seventy five in 1871. He married Maria Josefa Ruiz, and lived in Isle of Corsica.

facts and habbits

He liked riding his horse, and he was very brave,and strong.

more facts and family

He was the eighth of children,six of whom lived adulthood his father was Don angel navarro.


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Major contributions

He fought for Texas independence.He was in prison in Mexico for as a result of his participation in the 1841 expedition, but he was given a death sentence. He ultimately escaped to Texas.Also Navarro was elected to the Texas state legislature.