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Entry Average: The entry average of the schools or the school's programs is important to me for numerous reasons. An entry average is the number one aspect that any student worries about. I do not want the entry average of my programs to be incredibly high as I want to get into the university/program, however, I want to be challenged during my years at the school. The entry average is a reflection of the intellect level of my peers, otherwise known as the people that I will be surrounding myself with for the next four years. Your friends are a reflection of who you are, as emphasized by my teachers, "make good company." Important ties/contacts can be made at university and whether or not they are intelligent, professional, decisive, etc. or can be a key factor whether a business relationship forms. For these reasons alone, the entry average of the university will be incorporated into my project as one of the criteria.

Program: The program at university is a key element in the decision of my university as this is what attracts me to a university. At the moment business is appealing to me and it will show in my results. The quality of the school or program will also be taken into consideration including it's renown and so on.

Professor to Student Ratio: Professor to student ratio is of great significance to me in that success can be guaranteed if you build a relationship with your professor, pay attention and have small class sizes to elevate your learning as there is more one on one time. A memory that is imprinted in my mind is Ms.Howard's story about a girl who went to Acadia and built up a grand relationship with her professor, she then got into an IV league school attributed to the professor's reference letter.

Tuition Fees: The tuition of these universities and to be more in depth their programs, are a category I am analyzing. I am aware that I have to pay a certain amount of money to go to university, however, I do not want the price to be too high as money is hard to earn and in these economic times the price of other things such as the cost of living, the price of real estate and so on are becoming increasingly more expensive. I would like to put money aside and invest what I do not spend on university.

Proportion who Graduate: I have included this into my criteria as this can be perceived in many ways. This can be seen as the difficulty of the program/university, the magnitude of teaching you are receiving from the professor and so on. I would like these universities to be of a higher percentage as I want to see my self graduate.

Parental Guidance: My parents have raised me up, have paid for me to attend an extraordinary school, and will end up paying for my schooling in university. It is only fair that I consider their decision.

Atmosphere/Aesthetics: My learning environment or aesthetics are extremely important to me as well as the school's atmosphere. I believe these both attribute to success in university. I can not be too focused on academics. I need a healthy balance of education and socialization.

Distance from home: I would like to stay as close to home as possible, I would like to stay home with my family while attending school. Personally, I do not feel like I am ready to attend university and the dilemma of making food for myself is a pressing issue.


The universities that I have decided to analyze are York University, University of Toronto, University Western Ontario, Ryerson University and Dalhousie University.

Raw Data

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University Matrix Ratings

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How I Arrived at the Ratings

Entry Average

I would like the entry average to be close to 88% as it is a high enough average to discourage people who aren't as committed as I may be, yet low enough to be reasonable to get in to the school.

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I had rated the program out of 10 based on the primary information I had acquired when I had visited the universities, as well as follow-up research. I had given York the highest rating as Schulich is a very prestigious school and is rated 52nd internationally according to Financial Post, making it one of the best business universities to attend in Canada. Unlike other schools, I found that Schulich incorporated technology well into their program, so if I were to attend it would be a smooth transition from HTS to York University. I also plan to attend law school after my four years of education; I would be attending law school at Osgoode Hall which is in York University. Since I would be a student at York already, I feel I would know their expectations and this would give me an upper hand in applying. Additionally the average salary of a student after attending Schulich is $93,207 according to Financial Post. Schulich deals more with theoretical business whereas Western specializes in learning through case studies. I feel like I can benefit from both as long as I can adapt to a learning style that benefits me in learning the course material.

University of Toronto was awarded a mediocre mark as I would only be trying to achieve a bachelor of arts and not specializing in business as I would like to. I would be taking a plethora of courses ranging from criminology to economics. I am aware of U of T's Rotman of Commerce program, however, I am not able to apply as I do not have a prerequisite, otherwise known as calculus. University of Toronto is another top ranking school in general and claims that it is rated 10th in the world for arts and humanities. When I had visited University of Toronto I felt as if it was outdated, coming from a technologically advanced school I did not perceive this as advantageous during my four years if i were to study there.

Western's Ivey School of Business is another top tier business school and it rivals Schulich. It is ranked 78 internationally, however, it's grads make on average $103,112, according to Financial Post, clinching the title of highest salary for a business school in Canada. When I had visited Western and more specifically Richard Ivey's School of Business, it was technologically up to date and incorporated this technology into their program. Ivey's students primarily learn through case studies, this allows you to grasp concepts and apply them.

Ryerson was awarded with a 7.5 only because the material or difficulty of Ted Rogers is not as challenging. The course is also not recognized on a global scale as is Schulich or Ivey. It is however a .5 higher than U of T as I would be able to gather more knowledge about business. Ryerson is also a growing school and could be of high prestige later down the road. Ryerson was very technologically advanced and that had appealed to me. Ryerson is near the top 20's for top schools in Canada and this factored into my rating of 7.5.

Dalhousie was given a ranking of seven by me as it is not the best of schools but I would still be able to study primarily business there. Dalhousie is also is near the top 20's for top schools in Canada and is why it received a similar rating to Ryerson. I also felt as if it was an older school and not as up do date in terms of technology.

Professor to Student Ratio

I would prefer there to be 15 students per professor. 15 students is a good number for a class as it is big enough for one on one help yet it allows enough people for interaction, collaboration, debate and so on.

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My desired tuition is around $5000

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Proportion of Students who Graduate

I would like to percentage of students who graduate to be around 88%, this is a good number as it can inform me that the course is difficult, yet many people can stay committed, persist and end up graduating.

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Parental Guidance

I had asked my parents to rate the schools out of 10 and they had done so for me. Their answers are stated below;

They had rated York University so highly because they had stated how Schulich is an outstanding program and it is close to home which is their main concern.

My parents had rated the University of Toronto at an 8 because it is also close to home and is a reputable school.

Western was awarded an 8.5 by my parents as they know it's a good school and I would be attending an exceptional program despite me being further from home. My mother had ranked it higher, however, my dad ranked it lower, I averaged out the scores and ended up with an 8.5.

My parents had given a 7 to Ryerson because they said "I can't see you going there." However, they were pleased with the idea of me staying close to home. The program that I would be attending did not warm up to them and they both agreed on giving this university a 7.

When I had asked my parents what the though of Dalhousie, they disliked it as I would be further away from home than any of the previous universities if I were to attend. Although it was distant place, my mother raved on how it was beautiful out east, however, my father showed now sympathy. I had averaged their scores and ended up with a 6.


I had visited every university listed above and here are my opinions about each university;

Apart from York University's reputation I had visited the Schulich School of Business and Osgoode Hall and I had found the buildings/campus of these schools were delightful. They had reminded me of Holy Trinity and is why the atmosphere and aesthetics were exceedingly alluring. It had many relaxing areas and libraries to aid me in heightening my learning experience. There were buildings with lots of windows that allowed in natural light, it's vibrancy was breathtaking.

University of Toronto was not what I was expecting at all, it was old, however, I do appreciate the architecture of the buildings and the fact that it is located downtown. I only awarded U of T with a 7. The atmosphere/aesthetic of the university was average at best.

University of Western reminded me of Schulich, however, you receive the full university experience here as I would be away from home, living by myself. It had caffè's, luxurious lounges and work areas that added to the incredible atmosphere. Like Schulich, it had large windows that allowed natural light in to radiate the building. I appreciated this immensely and had given it the highest rating which was a 9.5.

Ryerson was beautiful architecturally, I thought it was very modern and I was also grateful that it was located downtown, and easily accessible. Once again it had a lot of windows that did not go unappreciated. Although the aesthetics excelled I did not believe the atmosphere appealed to me. I felt that everyone was very distant when I visited and for this reason I only gave Ryerson a 7.

I had visited Dalhousie quit recently. The university felt like a home and made me very comfortable, yet, the aesthetics did not appeal to me. At times I felt like I was closed in, the town also feels separate from everything else, unlike Toronto. Due to several differences I had only awarded Dalhousie with a score of 7.

Distance from Home

I would like to be around 5km away from home, this is because HTS is about 4.1 km away from and I have adjusted to a routine where it only takes me 15 minutes to get to school.

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Weightings Matrix

I have weighted the entry average at only 5 as I do not mind if the average is lower or higher, all I care about is if I get in to my desired university or program. For instance York is rated a 9.1 because it is close to my desired 88, however, 92% might be a very high average for me to obtain. The program I am entering influences my decision enormously as I want to attend a program that will educate me substantially. My professor to student ratio is weighted at a considerable 10% because I believe this can attribute to your success in university, this means a better relationship with your professor which entails more 1-on-1 help. Tuition is wighted at 10% because I have to be aware that my parents are paying for my schooling and it is not something I should just expect from them. The proportion of students who graduate is not a large factor in my final decision because there could be extenuating circumstances on why individuals did not graduate. My parents play a key role in my life and it is only logical that I seek to them for advice, they are who I listened to all my life to make decision and they can aid in helping me chose a university. The atmosphere and aesthetics is weighted at notable 20% because I feel like the learning environment affects your success in academics, they go hand in hand. A healthy balance of academics and social life is also vital to me. Distance from home is weighted at 10% even though my parents and I both agree that I would like to stay close to home is because I will go wherever I am accepted, for instance, if I get accepted to Ivey and not Schulich I would head out to London, Ontario.
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Resulting Matrix

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The university that appears to be my number one choice is York University. The program that I would be studying there would be business under the Schulich School of Business. York University did not deviate too far from my desired entry average, however, it was a bit higher than I would have liked it to be. This can pose a challenge to me actually being accepted. The program at York (Schulich) is very appealing to me as it exudes prestige and professors educate their students well regardless of the high professor to student ratio. Some might blame the low percentage of students who graduate on the professor to student ratio, however, I believe is the difficulty of the content. The tuition is high in comparison of my other universities, but I would be willing to pay as I know I am getting a quality education. My parents also support me greatly if I were to pursue Schulich as it is close to home which also is in my benefit. The atmosphere that not necessarily York University has, but Schulich has, is excellent. I had visited it before and it reminded me of Holy Trinity and is why I felt like I would fit in; it was a small community with beautiful surroundings. The faculty was also very helpful and interacted with their students well. The reason Schulich scored so highly was because not only did I have pretty high scores in the rating matrix, I also had weighted the areas the York University excelled at (not on purpose) as these were the fields that interested me the most. The lowest grade that was received by York was the professor to student ratio, however, it only accounted for 10%, while the rest of the scores of York scored a 7 and above accounted for the remaining 90% which is understandable why it scored a 843 out of the possible 1000 points.

The University of Western Ontario was a close second place, the rankings for Western and York were almost identical. Entry averages differ by 2 percent. The programs that I would be attending at both universities are both world class. The professor to student ratio differs only because York has a larger population, this could also be said about the amount of students who graduate, York ranks lower because of the higher population. The tuition for both universities are around fifteen thousand dollars. the atmosphere was incredible and is what boosted Western heavily. Western falls behind as it is a further distance from home, this also facts the parental score as my parents do not want me further from home as well.

University of Toronto and Ryerson were rated similarly as their entry averages were close and the reputability of their programs were alike as well. Both universities ended up with a score of 7 on the professor to student ratio. The tuition for these programs differed by a mere three thousand dollars providing both of these universities with a ranking of 7 once again under the tuition category. U of T scored higher in proportion of students who graduate because they are known to attract students of higher as it is a top tier school. Moreover, my parents felt similar in terms of me attending U of T and Ryerson. The atmosphere/aesthetics were similair as well. The distance for each university was equated to almost the same value. Ryerson and University of Toronto are similar because of their geographical location, they are both located downtown and attract students from the same region with similar academic characteristics.

Dalhousie placed last for a plethora of reasons. Dalhousie had a low entry average paired with an average business program. Dalhousie excelled in the professor to student ratio as I aimed for smaller class sizes. Additionally, tuition was relatively low which also boosted Dalhousie, however, the proportion of students who graduate dragged it back down. Dalhousie is on the east coast of Canada, needless to say distance was a primary issue. It fell behind in both the parental score and distance from home score because of this.

This project did not result in having any bias as I calculated scores and weighted criteria based on nothing but my preferences. I did not fix numbers to result in a higher score of one university compared to another.

Overall this project enabled me to explore different university options while allowing me to extend my mathematical horizons.